Separate Dual Sport loops are laid out with A & B riders in Mind.

Singletrack is laid out as A+, A & B loops with one short warm-up test section for C Riders.

If you’re a novice or an older guy and you would like to ride some singletrack go ride the ‘B’ Singletrack loop.

This is the Rocky Mountains and if your not an Experienced Rider this may not be the ride for you.

ADV routes are laid out some without not much difficulty, though some routes will have some challenging off-road sections. If your riding an ADV bike and up for a bit of a challenge, try the ‘B’ Dual Sport loops or the ‘B’ Singletrack loop.

Challenging ADV loops include Medano Pass into the back of the Great Sand Dunes Loop, the Continental Divide loop that includes Tincup Pass. The Headwaters loop that includes Mosquito Pass, which is the Highest Pass in North America and is a fun challenging loop. These loops can be conquered by any competent rider on a properly set up ADV bike.

For 2021 we have an Option for Overnight ADV rides. Lodging on you. Details on Lodging will be and Routes Info will be emailed with Sign-Up Confirmation.

Any motorcycle event comes down to the rider’s skill level and the type of tires installed. If you have the wrong tires your skill level won’t really matter, you’ll struggle regardless. We suggest starting with a new front knobby and a hybrid rear tire.

X-Roads is a “low-key, high adventure, no hassle” self-guided tour. GPS Tracks with maps and Que sheets will be emailed before the ride. You will be responsible for printing, cutting and taping your roll-charts if you wish. You must have a GPS Unit or App on your phone or ride with someone who does.

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Your motorcycle must have a USFS approved spark arrestor and Excessive noise is a BIG issue as it is used to limit our right to ride. We will inspect Motorcycles for plates and OHV stickers in 2021. It is the rider’s responsibility to meet these requirements. You are allowed to fix what is not right.

You should have current liability insurance for your motorcycle, medical insurance coverage and be licensed to operate your motorcycle. You should bring a copy of liability insurance to the Sign-In shed.

At sign-in you will be asked to show a Valid ID that matches your name on the sign-in sheet and sign a liability and a Covid release form. You will receive your Ride packet and a T-shirt , Etc.

A sense of adventure and common sense. X-Roads is intended for street-legal, plated, insured, quiet motorcycles that are capable of being ridden on rough dirt roads, two-track, jeep roads, Singletrack trails and pavement. X-Roads in 2020 is a 5 day 25+ loop non-competitive ride that consists of as much dirt and the least amount of pavement as possible.
In 2020 you will have the opportunity to ride your Plated Dirt Bike, Dual Sport or ADV motorcycles everyday from Thursday to Monday.
You ride what you wish . Dual Sport, Singletrack or Adventure loops. We ask that you check out before you leave in the morning and let us know which loop you are riding on the check -out sheet. Check-in on the same sheet when you return.

Any Competent Rider with a street legal Dual Sport or plated dirt bike or Adventure Motorcycle.
 Online Sign-Up Only.

Club Motorcycle ride in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains at the crossroads of the Rockies.

August 13-17 2020

Chaffee County Fairgrounds at the crossroads of Hwy’s 285 & 50 – 10165 C.R. 120, Salida, Colorado 81201 GOOGLE MAP LINKChaffee County Fairgrounds
$350.00 will include Dual Sport, Singletrack and ADV loops you couldn’t follow on a map. GPS Tracks. Camping included at the fairgrounds Thursday until Monday. Friday & Sat Night Dinner, beverages available & a bonfire. Club membership, Ride with GPS Club membership and ride maps not suitable for navigation. Breakfast is included at the Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday morning, along with Free Coffee. Finisher pin. T-Shirt. Local support. Trailer hook-ups extra. Entries received later than 90 days in advance will be $400.00

If you withdraw your participation before a Ride : 90 days or more in advance you will receive a 100% refund less PayPal fees. If you withdraw with-in 90 days of a ride your payment for shared group expense amenities will be forfeited or MAY be transferred to another rider. A $20 Fee @ Sign-In will be required for Rider Changes There will be No Refund with-in 90 Days of the ride. If Exit Tours Motorcycle Club cancels a ride we will make all attempts to provide an equivalent ride on an alternate date. If we do this then your prepaid shared group expense payment may be transferred to the new ride date, or if you cannot attend the new date, a 100% refund for shared group expenses will apply less PayPal Fees. Our rides are all-weather. If two or more riders participate the ride will not be cancelled, regardless of weather conditions, and refunds will not be given for shared group expense amenities. Nor will they be transferred to another ride or rider.

Sign-in opens at 8am on Thursday. Riders meeting at 9 am. Sign the release, pick up your rider packet. We will have emailed GPS tracks and maps. GPS Tracks for Warm up loops for Thursday or Friday. We will have an included Dinner, beverages and a bonfire on Friday evening. Riders meeting at 7 and 8 am Friday morning.

Yes. Membership is included with your 2020 entry. There is no qualifying or probation period to become an Exit Tours Motorcycle Club member and there are no required meetings or work days associated with your membership — just sign-up and ride!

Hazards do exist on our routes: Such as downed trees, washouts, rocks, etc. and will NOT be marked in any fashion. All routes are publicly-accessible, so you may encounter other riders and traffic. Riders need to use caution and common sense at all times and stay to the right when possible. Particularly around blind turns. Remember vehicles heading uphill have the right-of-way.

Factory off road orientated Dual Sport, plated Off-Road Motorcycles or Adventure bikes will work. You should have current registration for your bike, proof of insurance, and a Colorado OHV sticker. A GPS Unit of some sort.

Approximately 80 miles between fuel stops. 90 Mile fuel range recommended. Fuel is available for purchase along every route. The ‘A’ Dual Sport Loop to Saguache (Sawatch) is just over 90 miles The ‘A’ Rainbow Trail loop is just short of 100 Miles. We suggest you carry an Aluminum water bottle if you don’t have a big tank.

Daily High temperatures in August from 78°F to 74°F, rarely falling below 67°F or exceeding 85°F. Daily Low temperatures in August from 51°F to 47°F, rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 56°F. The chance of humidity is essentially constant during August, remaining around 0% throughout. The best time of year to visit the area for warm-weather activities is mid-August. The wetter season lasts 4.3 months, from April 30 to 2nd week of September, with a greater than 19% chance of any given day being a wet day.

Camping is included and water is available. RV parking with hookups will be available from Thursday until Monday for a fee. Space for tent camping and truck & travel trailer and RV parking is plentiful. Showers, Restrooms and good drinking water are all available at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds and included with your entry fee. Friday- Saturday night we will have dinner available, a bonfire and adult beverages will be available. Showers are available on-site and down the street at the Salida Hot Springs Pool.

The time seems right before we’re all too old to pull something like this off. And Chaffee County, Colorado in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains really does have Epic dirt roads, 2 track and singletrack trails, few whoops, high-altitude Rocky Mountain passes and spectacular scenery.

You can certainly bring your family for a Rocky Mountain vacation. There are Jeep rentals from Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals, Horseback riding, River rafting, Zip lines, and Mountain bike rentals and trails. Also, hiking, river and lake fishing, and epic vistas.

Well, there are quite a few rocks, they are called the Rocky Mountains for a reason. The mean elevation of Chaffee County is 7,000+ feet. We would recommend a knobby front and a hybrid rear. Checking your air pressure once you got here, and Running tire air pressure little higher than normal. Jetting for altitude. Skid plate. Disc guards. Hand guards. Distance between gas stops is not expected to be much more than 80 miles. On ADV bikes aggressive tires are a good idea. We wouldn’t suggest trying the challenging loops without aggressive tires.

You can tent camp or stay in an RV at the fairgrounds or stay at a hotel and ride your motorcycle. Drive your truck and trailer to the fairgrounds and unload there in the morning or leave your truck & trailer at the Fairgrounds if you choose to stay elsewhere. Ride your motorcycle to your lodging.

Thursday afternoon at the Fairgrounds the Sign-in shed will be open at 8 am. Please try and check-in Thursday or Friday and pick up your ride package. We will meet for a riders meeting at 7 am and at 8 am from Friday to Monday mornings in the back of the Fairgrounds near the Sign-In shed. Please check-in at the Sign-In shed in the mornings before you leave so we know you are on the trail. The ride starts at the fairgrounds stop sign at the entrance you came in.

Please check-in when you finish, so we know you are in. Come back and hang out, and enjoy the bonfire, dinner and an adult beverage and the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts.. **IMPORTANT** Please check-out on the sign-out sheet before you leave in the morning and check back-in when you finish. Pick up your finisher pin when you check-out/sign-out at the finish on Sunday or Monday.

This is not a guided tour; you will navigate by following GPS Tracks or a Roll Chart you print from the GPS Que sheet. All major turns will be noted and are arrowed on the roll-chart. Pre-printed maps not suitable for navigation are available for you to print to give you a general idea of the route. Maps are not suitable for navigation. Ride with someone you trust that is familiar with GPS and have a roll-chart and an odometer. We suggest having your own GPS Unit and odometer.

It is what can save your life! If you were riding alone and got off the route and then got hurt, you may not be missed until the end of the day. For this reason we must insist that riders use the buddy system. Obviously 2 (or 3) riders that enter together will be buddies (4 or more should split into pairs). Team up with others and watch out for each other. BUDDY RIDING PROTOCOL – Don’t lose sight of your buddy Don’t make a major turn unless you know your buddy will also If buddies get separated, both go back to the last place they saw each other.

We prefer that you enter with at least one friend but if you do come alone, we will have a sign up sheet where you can write your cell number if you haven’t found a buddy before the ride. You should pair with another rider as your buddy. Buddies may be changed after the 1st day if not well matched.

Riders should be happy with XR250s through 690 KTM’s to 1250 BMWs. We Do NOT suggest small factory dual sports. Just remember everywhere you will be riding is well over 1 mile up or higher. The prime considerations are comfort and reliability. See OHV Stickers on drop-down menu for info on how to purchase a Colorado OHV sticker.

You should bring a reasonable amount of spare parts (like a pre-oiled air filter). We will have spare front and rear tires for sale in case someone destroys one, but most people should be able to complete the ride without changing tires.

You should have a GPS unit of some description.

You should be able to fix your own flats on the trail and service your bike at the end of the day. Each rider should carry a spare tube (front works in rear); tire irons, hand pump, and/or air bottles. You must be able to fix your bike on the trail or be towed by your buddy to a Highway where you can be picked up. You should be able to tow your buddy if he cannot fix his bike. Every rider should carry a tow strap.

Yes, it’s important to carry your cell phone. We highly recommend the use of a satellite-operated tracking and rescue device such as a SPOT – since you will often be out of cell phone range. A Spot Find-me is an inexpensive investment that can save your life.

No, it does not. We highly recommend you obtain appropriate healthcare insurance before participating in any rides.

There may be Outriders on Saturday & Sunday Singletrack and Dual Sport loops. If you need a shortcut to the finish or have questions along the way. Outriders will ‘Point’ the way. But they should NOT be considered “sweep” riders: They are not medics, will not be available to fix bikes or change flats, nor will they have extra parts. If you get stranded on any loop, we will of course do whatever we can to bail you out.

You will need Cash or a CC to buy your gas at the gas stations and meals on the loops Gas is available on every loop Dump Station in nearby Poncha Springs. ($5 donation) Showers and water available at the fairgrounds. Porta-Potties on-site. Salida Hot Springs Pool is down the street on Hwy 50 three miles. Showers and a pool. See Xtra Curricular PDF LINK for maps to Fishing and Hot Springs.

The Salida Hot Springs Pool is the largest indoor hot springs pool facility in the Country. The water is gathered from an underground springs eight miles up the road, high in the Rocky Mountains. 410 W. Rainbow Blvd. (Highway 50) Salida, Colorado 81201. 3 1/2 miles East of the Fairgrounds on Hwy 50 on the left. http://salidarec.com/public-pool/