What is Vintage Dual Sport ?

A Vintage Dual Sport is any Non-Current off road or older than 2001 Dual Sport motorcycle that can be plated for the highway and ridden off-road.

Generally speaking, if the item is older than 20 years, it falls under the term vintage...

Do you have a Vintage Unit sitting in your garage ?

Vintage Dual Sport could be a 90’s DR 350 

to a 50’s Triumph Cub.

A Classic 70’s Yamaha DT 400

’95 KTM LC4

Dual Sport rides are not competitions. Dual Sport events do not generally have classes.

So a Vintage Dual Sport event would just be a place to show off your Vintage Dual Sport Motorcycle.

Ride it, talk about, take pictures or swap parts.

If you have a plated Vintage Motorcycle, and it is capable of traversing a few Mountain Passes on 2 track roads and dirt roads, bring it and ride it on the Vintage Loop for a day ?

If you need an excuse to to work on that old motorcycle sitting in your garage, a Vintage Dual Sport ride is the perfect excuse to bring that Vintage machine up to snuff.

You could conceivably navigate most Dual Sport loops on your Vintage Dual Sport Motorcycle. But would you really want to ?

The thinking is to sign-up with your more current Dual Sport, plated dirt bike or your Adventure bike and ride your choice of loops. But bring your Vintage bike along and ride it for a day. Or a few hours.

This loop to the Alpine tunnel with 2 fuel stops we be a fun loop on your Vintage Dual Sport

Vintage Dual Sport Loops you could Navigate by GPS Tracks on your phone.

Or if you want to stick with the old school theme, you could print, cut  and tape a Roll Chart from the GPS Tracks Cue sheet.


What is a Vintage Dual Sport Loop ? A whoop free fun dual sport loop with as little pavement as possible.

A 90% dirt road loop with some 2 track sections and some Epic old railroad right-of-way.

The Palisades on the way to the Alpine tunnel

Vintage Honda Transalp

Vintage Adventure bikes could also fit in the mix.


For rides in 2021 you could set-up an Ez-Up and Swap Parts of just talk about swapping vintage parts ?

Either way, Vintage Dual Sport could be a fun component of Dual Sport events.